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soap + doll hands

I was in graduate school (Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2004) when I first made soap in the shape of a hand. I had no intention of becoming a soap-maker, it was just the perfect medium for a project. I spent weeks melting small amounts of soap and pouring them into my handmade molds. When I had over 2500 soap hands I arranged them on the floor like a waving sea.

After exhibiting the piece a few times, I had to figure out what to do with all the hands. Since they were funny and functional, I started leaving them in soap dishes at friend’s houses and by sinks in public restrooms. I enjoyed seeing these little sculptures outside of an exclusive gallery setting and had fun creating "mini-installations" for anyone to enjoy.

I opened an online shop in 2006 and began shipping Handsoap all over the world. Today, I still make it by hand (with a lot of help from my husband, David) in much the same way as I did when creating the original piece. The soap is hand-mixed and colored in small batches and shaped in our hand-made molds.

We sell Handsoap in our shop, Imaginary Animal, where anyone can purchase a set to display (and use!) in their very own 'soap-dish gallery'.

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Handsoap © Marie Emily Gardeski